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At Woodhall Park we believe that every resident has a right to be cared for in a manner that honors their uniqueness, preferences, values and beliefs and to be involved in decision making to the best of their ability.  In order to provide this service we will get to know the residents and to build a relationship.  It is important for us to become familiar with each resident’s previous life, habits and preferences.


At Woodhall Park Retirement Village we believe that people live better lives when they are surrounded by their peers, family and supportive people. Like all good communities we embrace trust, respect, compassion, integrity and individuality.

The purpose of Woodhall Park Retirement Village is to be a community for seniors. We will enable the residents and their families to flourish by providing supportive services individualized to each person’s needs and preferences in a safe clean and comfortable environment.

Woodhall Park Retirement Village will continue its tradition of excellence by ensuring resident satisfaction and remain a viable business through sound operational practices provided by high quality satisfied staff members.

orcaORCA is a non-profit organization established in 1977 that sets professional operating standards, inspects and accredits retirement residences in Ontario. Not all retirement residences are ORCA approved, only those that meet and maintain ORCA’s standards for accreditation.

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