The question is right in front of us every day.  Are we done yet?  Are we done with the masks, are we done with lock downs, and are we done with social distancing? We all feel the frustration.  We are all missing our loved ones that do not live with us.  It is very trying times for everyone, worldwide.

Our new normal is to expect to have our temperature taken when entering a store or office building.  We all have extra masks in the car or in the house or even in our purses.  Boy have things changed fast in such a short period of time.  We are all accepting it and living with it and just trying to do our best to protect ourselves from that nasty virus Corona.  But what about those who do not understand?  The children and the elderly have their own struggles.  Some struggles that we, the average person, doesn’t even think about on a day to day basis.

For those without the cognitive ability to understand the outside world, they want to know why they cannot hug their loved ones who might come to visit on the front lawn.  They also don’t understand why we need to keep our faces covered making talking and hearing even more difficult. So how do we help them to understand?  We can remind them we are protecting them the only way we know how to protect them.  We remind them every day that we love them and we only want what is right for them.  We try to try to remain positive for their sake and we get up every day with a smile on our faces because we are safe and so are our loved ones.

We must follow protocol and we must be aware of our surroundings.

Are we done yet?  No but with everyone’s help we can end this crisis.  I heard someone say the virus cannot travel on its own so it is our responsibility not to let it hitch a ride on us.